Steven August 26th, 2020

I knew Brenda for nearly fifty years, meeting her in 1972 when I came to teach at the University of South Florida. I helped Brenda and Kelly move several times in the days when we could still lift furniture and carry boxes without pain. I watched Emily grow up into a talented women and mother herself. Brenda never tired of showing photos and videos of her cherished Zella. After Nancy and I left USF, we were fortunate to remain in touch with Kelly and Brenda and enjoyed visits from Brenda in North Carolina and Cambridge, England, near her home turf. Brenda had grace, humility, intelligence, and great strength. She was a terrific writer but never bragged about herself. she often kept her stiff upper, British lip, but she loved to laugh even when I made her the but of my New York City-style jokes. When Nancy and I retired to St. Petersburg in 2018 we resumed our in person friendship with Brenda and Kelly as if four decades had not passed. Even the pandemic did not stop our visits (of course practicing physical distancing). Susan Perez, Nancy, and I celebrated the Tipps' fiftieth wedding anniversary by writing a song about their life together and performing it in their living room with Charlie's bewilderment. Brenda you lived a great life and I was fortunate to share parts of it. Your legacy will live on through Emily and Zella. I miss you and cherish your memory.