Happy memories

Created by Gill 2 years ago

Although I was an only child, my cousin, Brenda, was like a sister to me for my entire life.

We didn't have a telephone when we were growing up, and I remember getting so excited at seeing a letter on the door mat, with Brenda's distinctive handwriting on the envelope.

Whenever she stayed with us, we would giggle non-stop, which used to drive my Mum mad!

In our teens, we would meet at Liverpool Street, catching the last milk train (which was cheaper) We would walk for miles, just talking, and often we would fit in a matinee at the theatre.

When Bren was in any school plays, we'd go along to see her as a family

We shared a couple of flats after college. One time, Brenda's dad bought us one way tickets to Edinburgh (not sure if he was trying to tell us something?) We stayed in Youth Hostels and hitched our way home - staying in the cab of a lorry in a layby. We arrived home looking like we'd been working in a coal mine! We were absolutely filthy!

I remember being heartbroken when Bren went to the US (via Rome)

Luckily for us, she came over most summer's and we used to have some lovely days out.

One time, whilst Bren & I were on a trip to Prague, we just randomly "bumped" into Margaret & Kelly's Mom & Dad. He just said "oh, Hi!" like it was a really normal occurrence!

I wish we could have visited the States more often, but we usually couldn't afford it.

I am so pleased that we got to see Graham in Devon, when Bren was over with Margaret a couple of years ago.

I have got so many happy memories of times spent with Bren, Kelly & the family.

I really cannot cram a lifetime's memories into one page and I there is so much I have missed out.

I love you very much Bren and I will miss you forever