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Hi Emily- just spotted those new pictures you’ve posted of your mum and mine together- I love the ‘giggling cousins’ and will show it to my mum, who’s very frail now, who I know will love it too. Happy memories
14th November 2020
The best human, woman, mother, teacher, professor, friend, anyone could ever hope to encounter!!! I love her so much!!!!! Thank you, dear Emily, for this wonderful space to pour my heart out ❤️ I think of your mom and her immense beauty everyday, love, Simone
5th October 2020
Thanks so much Emily for this chance to read everyone’s wonderful memories of Brenda. I will always remember her as a beautiful and gifted person whom I always admired immensely, even though in practice I didn’t see her very often, and the writing on this site brings her vividly to life. It was a lovely surprise to see myself in one of the pictures Jenna posted and it brought back happy memories of those big family gatherings with all the aunts and cousins. I was really pleased we found a way for my mum Pat to see her in recent years, even when Pat had lost a lot of mobility, and I’ve shared pictures from those get togethers. A lovely bonus from that was in the course of setting it all up I started being in email correspondence with her, including comparing notes on books. She made sure she sent birthday greetings to Pat this who was 90 this year, even though she was in hospital. We were all so shocked and sad to hear she had died and we’ll all miss her Vivien
6th September 2020