Jeffrey August 29th, 2020

As the youngest in my family, and the only little boy driving everyone crazy at Christmas time, I'll always remember that my aunt Brenda was always patient with me, always kind, always happy to see me. Especially when it was before dawn and we were the only ones awake. When I became an intolerable teenager, my aunt Brenda always listened to me. As an adult, she was always interested in hearing about my life and discussing favorite movies, shows and books. I never once saw her get irritated or angry. Not even when I would give her crap about her countrymen getting their asses kicked by my forefathers, or when I would tell her to go back to England if she asked me to pass the rolls at the dinner table. She would always giggle. I guess that was who she was. Very British, something it would be nice if more of us Americans, myself included tried to emulate. The holidays will never be the same without her, and I will miss her very much. Jeff